In my order of preference (and your likelihood to get an answer), you may contact Marjorie F. Baldwin (Friday) as follows:
  • Twitter: @phoenicianbooks (I don't read DMs, just @ me)
  • Facebook: The Phoenician Series Fan Page (anyone can post)
  • You can also leave a comment on any post I publish on this blog.
    NOTE: If the post is more than a week old, however, I might not see it right away. It'll be filtered into the "to be moderated" bucket. I'll get there eventually!
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I don't advise email, as it might take a while for me to answer you. Also, my SPAM filters are quite unforgiving (and I like them that way). However, if you insist, please use the ContactMe form below and it will send me your note. I'm pretty sure you can type any length note into that box, just no attachments (sorry).