Friday's Rules

Reading & Blogging

I don't have a lot of rules but I anticipate needing some to insure everyone here can play nice in my sandbox.

Friday's Rule #1 
It's my sandbox. Play nice. I don't bite. I do scratch. And claw. And disemvowel. Then I ban.

Friday's Rule #2 
Only the AuthorGod may Spoiler. Do not spoiler any story in any way, shape or form on this blog. If you do, the claws will come out and ....see Rule #1 above.

That's it for the moment on the rules applying to readers and visitors to the blog. So long as you play nice with others (including me), do whatever you like here.

Writing Rules

I have some writing rules. They're a little more rigid but since they do not apply to you, my dear Reader, do you really care? Well, I think you do so I shall share my rules of writing.  Please note, I learned these rules (most of them) at the Lois McMaster Bujold School of Writing Twisty Plots. Her coursework includes the Vorkosigan Saga, the 5-Gods Universe and The Sharing Knife series. I've only read the Vor stuff but apparently, that was enough to influence my doomed characters.

  1. Whatever is the one thing a character does not want is the #1 thing I'll try to do to her or him. This makes my readers happy because increased conflict makes for better plotting.
  2. No one escapes the AuthorGod's notice. Not even major characters. Not even major characters who were actually the protagonist of their own book. Even a protagonist can only hide behind the plotline for so long. Eventually, I'll get to you all. I'll try to make it exquisitely unique to your special needs and talents because, to me, your Creator, you are each a unique and special snowflake. I am your blizzard. Resistance is futile.
  3. All human characters have sex drives; therefore, it is likely at one point or another, all human characters will have sex. Some aliens, too, but the remainder of the rules only apply to human characters.
  4. If you have sex, then you die.
  5. If you have great sex, then you die horribly.
  6. If you have mind-blowing sex, then you die by implosion or some variant thereof.
  7. No one lives forever. See Rule #2 above.
  8. Although it is wise to never bring a knife to a gun fight, it is wiser to never bring a gun to a bomb fight (see

I'm sure there are other rules I can add over time, but that's all I've got for now!

Have fun reading!