Sunday, April 29, 2012

#NowPlaying Soundtrack to #ConditionedResponse #SciFi #thriller #mystery #suspense

Every book should have a soundtrack--and Conditioned Response does! Because it's at the back of the book (so you'd have to buy the book to gain access to it), I figured I'd share the Soundtrack with you here. Plus I can make things more clicky here, right?

The following 3 lists were each made into a playlist (and/or burned onto a CD) then looped, repeatedly. I alternated between them on various days but definitely listened to one artist for days on end, including taking the CD into my car to keep myself in a “writing mood.” Certain songs became associated, in my mind, with certain characters or scenes. I've noted those, where applicable.

Except for The Crystal Method Single EP released on YouTube with La Machinima, I’ve bought all of the following music and urge you to do the same—then burn your own playlists to take everywhere with you! You can sample most (if not all) of these clips on YouTube. Tweet me @phoenicianbooks and tell me your favorites.

Dirty Vegas (@DirtyVegas3)
(for keeping me bouncy bouncy bouncy)

Changes (Electric Love)(Joshua’s Song)
Electric Love (Electric Love)
Pressure (Electric Love)
Round and Round (Electric Love)
Today (Electric Love)
Never Enough (Electric Love)
Weekend (Electric Love)
21st Century (Electric Love)
I Should Know (Dirty Vegas)
Lost Not Found (Dirty Vegas)
Days Gone By (linked DubStep Remix) (Dirty Vegas)
Throwing Shapes (Dirty Vegas)
All or Nothing (Dirty Vegas)
Alive (Dirty Vegas)
7AM (Dirty Vegas)
The Brazilian (Dirty Vegas)
Simple Things Part 2 (Dirty Vegas)

The Cruxshadows (@theCruxshadows)
(for singing the story of my book)

Isis & Osiris (Life & Death) (The Mystery of the Whisper)
Leave Me Alone (The Mystery of the Whisper)
Breathe (The Mystery of the Whisper) (Shayla’s Battle Song)
(...and if our children die before we reach our own demise,
then life is blacker still, blacker than the blackest fire,
and I am...the face you see within the mirror
and I am...the hand that holds the fist away,
and I am...the dream forgotten in the morning
and I am...I am!
Cassandra (Ethernaut)
Flame (Ethernaut)
East (Ethernaut) (Julia’s Battle Song Part One)
Live. Love. Be. Believe. )
Love and Hatred (Ethernaut)
Winterborn (This Sacrifice) (Ethernaut)
Citadel (Ethernaut) (Julia’s Battle Song Part Two)
( Languid waves of desperation fall before the rains
A vanguard to approaching war is borne upon the sea
The icy breath of cyclones bent on waging our destruction
Drills hard against the hearts of heroes called here to defend
I see storms on the horizon I see the Tempest at the gates
I see storms on the horizon, and a Citadel alone
Clinging brave, defying fate
And I will stand here at the gates to face the onslaught fighting
Without surrender or defeat
The Seraphs (Ethernaut)
Windbringer (Dreamcypher)
Sophia (Dreamcypher) (Raif’s Song)
( Do not injustice to another,
Defend the weak & innocent
May truth & honor always guide you
Let courage find a life within
Stand up when no one else is willing
Act not in anger or in spite
Be to this world as a perfect Knight
even if it means your life...!
Here I am, alive among the injured and the dead.)
Ariadne (Dreamcypher)
Sleepwalking (Dreamcypher)
Memorare (Dreamcypher)
Birthday (Dreamcypher)(Brennan’s Song)
( You roll out of bed, look in the mirror and wonder who you are-
Another year has come and gone.
Today is your birthday but it might be...
the last day of your life
so what will you do if tomorrow, it's all gone?
You won't be young forever...
Aten-Ra (The Mystery of the Whisper)

The Crystal Method (@CrystalMethod)
(just for the sheer energy of this music! almost better than caffeine--almost !)

Kling to the Wreckage (Divided by Night) (feat. She Wants Revenge)
Play for Real (Single EP released with LaMachinima on YouTube)
Smile? (Divided by Night)
Sine Language (feat. LMFAO) (Divided by Night)
Double Down Under (Divided by Night)
Come Back Clean (Divided by Night)
Dirty Thirty (Divided by Night)
Slipstream (Divided by Night)
Busy Child (Vegas)
Keep Hope Alive (Vegas)
Vapor Trail (Vegas) (my personal favorite)
She’s My Pusher (Vegas)
PHD (Tweekend)
Wild, Sweet and Cool (Tweekend) (amusing little graphic novel parody vid)
You Know It’s Hard (You Know it’s Murder) (Tweekend)
Name of the Game (Tweekend)
Ready for Action (Tweekend)
Ten Miles Back (Tweekend) (amazing poppers on the YT vid, even b4 the FX)

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