Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To Auto-Follow or Not To Auto-Follow? That is My Question; What's UR Answer? #TweetAdder #twitter #autofollowers

Seriously, now that I've got the system down for scheduling 3 days of promo tweets at a time, I'm considering that I should finally start using the auto-follower (TweetAdder) that I bought last winter. The thing is, it's indiscriminate about following back. It'll follow back everyone or no one. I can't say, only follow back the people I like. ;-)

The downside of using TweetAdder is going to be the noise in my stream will make it harder and harder for me to actually have conversations with anyone. Currently, I faithfully check my @ interactions so I see when I'm RT'd or Favorited or when someone is actually speaking directly to me. I still never think to check DMs (sorry if you've DM'd me and wonder why I'm not replying; just @ mention me in public instead and you'll get a reply right away, I promise!) If I use the auto-follower, I'll up my numbers (quantity) and lose massive amounts of quality. I suppose I can always try it and then change my mind later? Let's see what happens for a week or two, yes? No? What do you think?

TweetAdder's kind of a hard program to learn because the documentation is so badly-written and the GUI so UNintuitive but it's not a very complex program. It certainly shouldn't be this hard to master given how simplistic its functions are! Are you using TweetAdder yourself? If so, what cautionary tales of advice can you offer me?

(May, 2012 - BTA - Before TweetAdder -grin-)