Monday, May 28, 2012

Signed Copy of eBook? Check! Coming right up!

As you may have heard, I signed up to give away a free copy of Conditioned Response during the launch party for Cambria Hebert's new paranormal Charade this coming Friday, June 1st.

Now it's one thing to agree to give away a free copy of an eBook. Smashwords makes that super-easy with their instant coupons you can generate at will. But note, I said signed copy, as in personally autographed for the winner.


I just did a test run using an ePub format book (imported an ePub file, replaced the cover with the signed image, exported a new ePub file) and it worked! Now i just need the winner to tell me what format they want (I can do Kindle/Mobi too) and how they want it signed and we'll be good to go. I also need to practice a little with a nicer pen tool than the shaky pencil one I used here but I'm so excited! Gonna have to blog how I did this...under another name *haha*


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