Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Meet CADMUS, The Elder...but how old is he?? #PhoenicianSeries #Raif

So I've been writing again, just a little and in both Book 1 and Book 3. It's been hard to choose! I wish I could just write both of them all at once and not have to deal with real life at all until they're done. Alas, real life doesn't really work that way.

What I have done is come up with a scene in Book 1 where Raif has just brought Shayla back from the World Council to Phoenician land.  A lot of people died to get her out of there and back "where she belongs" so Raif is definitely not inclined to just turn around and bring her home with him again. He planned on dropping her off and having her people be glad to get her back among them...but Cadmus has other plans. Cadmus has The Plan. It is his plan given as he is the Elder and makes The Plan(s).

So just who is this Cadmus-the-Elder guy? Well, funny thing is he might be older than "Elder" suggests! Check out some of these references--and remember, in my far-future books in The Phoenician Series, the Phoenicians are not necessarily from Earth but "obviously" share some DNA with humans...they practically *are* human....aren't they? heh heh heh :)

Cadmus - the original Greek Myth

Cadmus - alternate backstory from WikiPedia

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